UCLA Extension, by measure of its annual student census of approximately 40,000, may be the largest single academic program in the UC system. It employs over 2,000 instructors and attracts nearly 100,000 enrollments into 5,000 class sections each year. Due to the size of the program and the nature of human interaction, the experience of students and instructors will never be conflict-free or without the periodic mismatch in expectation. In most cases, front line administrators, students and instructors work through their differences without assistance. On occasion, complainants will benefit from an experienced intervention. Accordingly, students and instructors have a right to an administration intervention, which is to say, they have a right to grieve.

A student -centric service environment and just and proper resolutions require a correct interpretation of policy, diligent fact-finding and impartial decision-making marked by a sincere exercise of empathy for the complainant's perspective. When we find that UCLA Extension or any of its employees, instructors or agents have erred, we acknowledge the error, express regret and provide a remedy commensurate with the error; then revisit and revise our practice. When we have not erred, we vigorously defend the institution's values, policy and practice. In all cases we are friendly, fair, and firm.

The purpose of this policy is to identify those to whom mediation, investigatory and decision-making roles are delegated in various conflict scenarios, to define avenues of appeal, and to declare the expectation of diligence in fact-finding and response.

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