The University of California has a tripartite mission: research, teaching and public service. UCLA Extension is a teaching arm of the University, although its role as a leader in professional and continuing education is also widely viewed as an expression of UC's public service mission. Research, the creation and dissemination of new knowledge, is not generally viewed as part of Extension's role, but it can intersect with its teaching and public service missions.

Extension's teaching portfolio includes courses in which research methodology may be taught, even as University policy does not provide for research by Extension students. The principal purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to distinguish instruction in research methodology from research thereby ensuring compliance. The policy also draws attention to University policy as it applies to research based public service projects Extension may undertake, and to describe internal review and approval process for such projects.

This policy further identifies those with delegated responsibility for conducting market research, affirms the ethical standards by which Extension tests its marketing strategies, and identifies to whom responsibility is delegated for surveying staff, students and instructors reflecting our commitment to the continuous improvement of service.

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