UCLA Extension employs approximately 2,500 instructors each year, drawing from the faculties of the University of California and other regional research and comprehensive universities, the California State University System, and the Community College Districts; in some cases apprentice instructional personnel who are graduate students at the University of California; and a significant number of persons distinguished in southern California's diverse business, manufacturing, research and professional practice communities.

In accordance with Standing Orders of the Regents and the regulations of the Academic Senate, all persons designated as instructors in charge of Extension courses bearing academic credit will be approved through the agency of the Academic Senate. Such endorsement ensures that Extension's instructors are competent to present the material described, and that they are qualified to assess the work presented to them by their students – the successful completion of which leads to the award of academic credit.

This policy restates the source documents and authorities for the benefit of Extension's program development staff engaged in the selection and oversight of instructors, and for those whose approval is sought. It also defines the procedures that will ensure compliance with Senate regulation and University policy which have been promulgated to fulfill public expectations of excellence, and to protect and enhance the reputation of the University of California.

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