The Division of Continuing Education, like any organization, is vulnerable to loss caused either by natural disasters of varying magnitude, or by human mischief ranging from crimes against property to acts of war. The purpose of this policy is to define an administrative environment that fosters the health, safety and security of our students, staff and instructors; that protects the assets entrusted to our care; and that minimizes the impact and duration of interruptions to our operations. The scale and scope of the events anticipated by this policy ranges from isolated emergencies affecting only a small number of individuals to large-scale emergencies affecting our region.

This policy defines essential planning responsibilities that are embedded into our work routine, as well as roles to be engaged during an emergency. At all times, we are mindful that UCLA Extension is integrated into the emergency planning for the entire University community. We therefore build upon and benefit from the planning efforts of others who bring the resources of the University to bear in such fields as medicine, public health, engineering, facility management, material management and procurement, and security. The relationship management of our liaisons is therefore a central feature of this security and emergency action plan.

To ensure its currency and relevance and to routinely raise the consciousness of the organization, the Deans Office will undertake an annual review of this policy and complete the business continuity planning coordinated by the Office of the President. So that the institutional budget and planning cycle can be tactically informed, this policy review and business- continuity exercise will be conducted each year in the month of February.

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