10 Courses Required

General Business Studies Certificate with Concentration in Accounting is a 36-unit program offered by the Department of Business, Management, and Legal Programs and is intended for individuals whose unique personal interest or profession requires them to take a series of courses in management with a focus on accounting.

  • Students select nine courses of their choice offered within the Management discipline.
  • The nine courses must be numbered X 1-X 199 and/or X 400-X 499.
  • Each must be a four-unit course.
  • Students pursuing a concentration in Accounting must take a minimum of four or as many as nine courses in Accounting to satisfy the concentration requirement.
  • In addition to the nine required courses, students must successfully complete the one day business ethics requirement.
  • Persons having satisfied the requirements for another UCLA Extension certificate will only be allowed to apply a maximum of four courses from that program to the Certificate in General Business Studies. Courses taken at other universities are not transferable.

Yvette de la Cruz
(310) 206-1654

Estimated Cost
Application & Candidacy Fee: $200.00*
Estimated Program Tuition: $7,135.00
Estimated Program Textbook/Materials: $1,350.00
Estimated Total Cost: $8,685.00

*This program is open admission. The Application & Candidacy fee establishes your candidacy in the certificate for a period of time covering normal progress toward completion and allows you to access a variety of program benefits.

Internship Available: No

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Certificate in General Business Studies with Concentration in Accounting


1 Course(s)

Students must take a minimum of 4 courses in Accounting or as many as nine for the concentration in Accounting. Courses must be numbered X 1-199 or X 400-499.

Candidates must complete 36 units of coursework within the academic discipline of Management. A minimum of 4 courses (16 units) must be in Accounting. The remaining 5 courses can be any management courses of your choice numbered X 1-199 or X 400-499.