EDUC 851 - Counselors and the Common Core State Standards
EDUC X 321.11 - El Niño Pequeño en la Familia y la Comunidad (The Young Child in the Family and Community)
EDUC X 321.12 - Introducción a la Enseñanza de Niños Pequeños (Introduction to Teaching Young Children)
EDUC X 321.246 - Teaching Young English-Language Learners
EDUC X 321.25 - Teaching Young Children in a Diverse Society
EDUC X 321.39B - El Papel de los Juegos en la Educación en la Infancia Temprana (The Role of Play in Early Childhood Education)
EDUC X 321.41 - Science and Math in Early Childhood Education
EDUC X 321.42 - Art in Early Childhood Education
EDUC X 321.43 - El Arte en la Educación Preescolar (Art in Early Childhood Education)
EDUC X 321.61 - Including Children with Special Needs in Typical Child Care, Preschool, and Kindergarten Programs
EDUC X 394.01 - Teaching AP* English Literature and Composition
EDUC X 394.02 - Teaching AP* U.S. History
EDUC X 394.03 - Teaching AP* English Language and Composition
EDUC X 394.04 - Teaching AP* Biology
EDUC X 394.05 - Teaching AP* Art History
EDUC X 394.07 - Teaching AP* American Government
EDUC X 394.08 - Teaching AP* Physics I
EDUC X 394.10 - Teaching AP* World History
EDUC X 394.12 - Teaching AP* Chemistry
EDUC X 394.14 - Teaching AP* Calculus
EDUC X 394.15 - Teaching AP* Economics
EDUC X 394.17 - Teaching AP* Environmental Science
EDUC X 394.18 - Teaching AP* Statistics
EDUC X 414.99 - Preparing Community College Students for Transfer
EDUC X 429.23A - Effective Collaboration for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
EDUC X 439.3 - Teacher Induction C: Assessing Students’ Learning and Growth
EDUC X 439.4 - Teacher Induction D: Capstone
EDUC X 440 - Business and Legal Basics for Child Care Providers
EDUC X 470 - American Studies
GENINT 818.16 - Quality Parenting: Encouraging Mutual Respect and Understanding
CLAD through CTEL Certification
Designated Subjects Career Technical Education Credential
K-12 Clear Teaching Credentials
K-12 Preliminary Credentials