ASTR XL 6 - Cosmology: Our Changing Concepts of the Universe
BIOL CH X 401 - Introduction to Protein Structure: From Disease to Therapy
BIOLGY X 401.20 - Spring Birds of Southern California
BIOLGY X 401.21 - Autumn Birds of Southern California
BIOLGY X 453.2 - Intro to Biology of Wild Animals in Captivity
BIOLGY X 480.31 - Observing Animals: Behavioral Studies in Zoos
CHEM 822 - Introduction to Skin and Biochemistry for Cosmetic Science
CHEM 825 - Skin Care Ingredient Series for Cosmetic Professionals: Part I
CHEM 826 - Skin Care Ingredient Series for Cosmetic Professionals: Part II
CHEM 827 - Cosmetic Sciences: Skin Care Ingredients, Skin Conditions and Regulatory Issues for Cosmetic Professionals
CHEM 917 - Preparation for College Chemistry
CHEM XL 14A - Atomic and Molecular Structure, Equilibria, Acids, and Bases
CHEM XL 14B - Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry, Kinetics, and Organic Chemistry
CHEM XL 14BL - General and Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM XL 14C - Structure of Organic Molecules
CHEM XL 14CL - General and Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM XL 14D - Organic Reactions and Pharmaceuticals
CHEM XL 153A - Biochemistry: Introduction to Structure, Enzymes, and Metabolism
CHEM XL 153B - Biochemistry: DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis
CHEM XL 153C - Biochemistry: Biosynthetic and Energy Metabolism and Its Regulation
COM HLT X 401 - Introduction to Food Science: From Farm to Fork
EDUC 809 - Scientific and Technical Presentations for all Audiences
EE BIOL X 405 - Dinosaurs: A Path to Biology and Geology
EPS SCI XL 1 - Introduction to Earth Science
HLT POL 804 - Becoming a Doctor: The Medical School Application Process
HLT POL 804.1 - Becoming a Doctor: Life as a Medical Student and Resident
HLT POL X 450 - Clinical Genetics: Medical and Public Health Perspectives
HLT POL X 452.2 - Introduction to Clinical Medicine: A Preview for Pre-Health Professionals
HLT POL X 456 - Introduction to Pediatrics and Child Health
LIFESCI XL 23L - Introduction to Laboratory and Scientific Methodology
LIFESCI XL 3 - Introduction to Molecular Biology
LIFESCI XL 4 - Genetics
LIFESCI XL 7A - Cell and Molecular Biology
LIFESCI XL 7B - Genetics, Evolution, and Ecology
LIFESCI XL 7C - Physiology and Human Biology
M PHARM X 401 - Introduction to Pharmacology
MCD BIO 821.6 - 13th Annual Stem Cell Symposium - Transforming Medicine: Innovation and Discovery at The Broad Stem Cell Research Centers
MCD BIO X 405 - Cancer Biology
MCD BIO XL 100 - Introduction to Cell Biology
MCD BIO XL 138 - Developmental Biology
MCD BIO XL 144 - Molecular Biology of Cellular Processes and Experimental Applications of Theory
MIMG X 401 - Fundamentals of Immunology
MIMG XL 100L - Microbiology Laboratory for Professional Schools
MIMG XL 102 - Introductory Virology
MIMG XL 6 - Microbiology for Nonmajors
NEUROSC XL 10 - Brain Made Simple: Neuroscience for the 21st Century
NURSING 861.02 - UCLA School of Nursing and CUHK Immersion Program
NURSING X 400 - Medical Terminology
NURSING X 456.1 - Pediatric Genetics: Teratology, Dysmorphology, and Developmental Delay
ORL BIO X 401 - Osteoimmunology: Bone and Immune Interactions and Related Pathologies
PATH X 401 - Introduction to Molecular Diagnostics, Pharmacogenetics, and Personalized Medicine
PATH X 405 - Histology for the Health Sciences: Basic Tissues of the Body
PATH X 406 - Histology for the Health Sciences: Organ Systems
PHYSCI X 401 - Fundamentals of Human Physiology
PHYSCI X 405 - Stress and Human Health: An Evolutionary Perspective
PHYSCI X 408 - Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular Disease
PHYSCI X 410 - Pulmonary Physiology
PHYSCI X 412 - Functional Neuroanatomy
PHYSCI X 415 - Endocrinology
PHYSCI X 425 - Animal Physiology
PHYSCI X 435 - Neurophysiology: How the Brain Thinks
PHYSCI X 452.6 - Foundations in Human Physiology
PHYSCI X 459.10 - Introduction to Pathophysiology: Disease States in the Human Body
PHYSCI XL 13 - Introduction to Human Anatomy
PHYSCI XL 3 - Introduction to Human Physiology
PHYSICS XL 10 - Physics
PHYSICS XL 5A - Physics for Life Sciences Majors: Mechanics and Energy
PHYSICS XL 5B - Physics for Life Sciences Majors: Thermodynamics, Fluids, Waves, Light, and Optics
PHYSICS XL 5C - Physics for Life Sciences Majors: Electricity, Magnetism, and Modern Physics
PHYSICS XL 6A - Physics for Life Sciences Majors: Mechanics
PHYSICS XL 6B - Physics for Life Sciences Majors: Waves, Electricity, and Magnetism
PHYSICS XL 6C - Physics for Life Sciences Majors: Light, Fluids, Thermodynamics, and Modern Physics
VETMED 700 - Caring for Your Dog or Cat: A Pet Care Seminar
Other Sciences