DESMA 720.20 - Advanced Typography Bootcamp
DESMA 850.19 - Design Your Career
DESMA X 418.12 - Handmade
DESMA X 427.16 - Designing Experiences: Exhibit, Retail, Event, and Environmental Graphic Design
DESMA X 427.87 - Brand Building Workshop
DESMA X 479.2A - Drawing for Communication
DESMA X 479.2D - Design III: Branding
DESMA X 479.2K - Wearable Computing: The Next Step in Human-Computer Interaction
DESMA X 479.3A - Talking with Impact
DESMA X 479.3AB - Graphic Design Career Launch Pad
DESMA X 479.3D - Design History and Context
DESMA X 479.3K - Designing for Immersive Experiences
DESMA X 479.47AA - Illustrator II
DESMA X 479.4A - Typography
DESMA X 479.4B - Advanced Typography
DESMA X 479.4D - Publication Design
DESMA X 479.5D - Design Project Management
DESMA X 479.6A - Design Fundamentals
DESMA X 479.6BB - Entertainment Design
DESMA X 479.6C - Package Design
DESMA X 479.6D - Advertising Design
DESMA X 479.6E - Design II: Collateral Communication
DESMA X 479.6P - Design IV: Advanced Design Practice
DESMA X 479.79H - Mixed Media and Collage for Designers and Artists
DESMA X 479.7F - Design Communication Arts Program Internship
DESMA X 479.9D - Surface Design for Consumer Products
DESMA X 481.11 - Photoshop I
DESMA X 481.22C - Design and Development for WordPress: Beyond the Blog
DESMA X 481.24B - Web Design I: HTML and CSS
DESMA X 481.43 - Photoshop II
DESMA X 481.47 - Illustrator I
DESMA X 481.4AA - Graphic Design for Broadcasting
DESMA X 481.55 - Design Thinking
DESMA X 481.5C - Web Design IV: Real World Applications
DESMA X 481.60 - Design Software Intensive Bootcamp
DESMA X 481.61 - Web Coding Intensive Bootcamp
DESMA X 481.6D - Designing for the Internet of Things
DESMA X 481.99QT - Motion Graphics I
DESMA X 481.99QU - Motion Graphics II
DESMA X 481.99VV - Web Design II: JavaScript and jQuery
DESMA X 481.99Z - InDesign
DESMA X 481.99ZZ - Digital Painting
DESMA X 482.10 - Color Methodologies
DESMA X 482.14 - Mentorship
DESMA X 490.98AB - Web Design III: Frameworks